Best of 2016

Cooking Up Romance 2016 Best Reads

Last January, I set out to read 100 books off my TBR pile. And guess what? I did it! I still have 662 on it, but whatever, let’s just ignore that. I also read a ton of aliens, shifters and cyborgs, none of which actually made it onto this list because I think if I

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More Than A Man Gingerbread Men

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas romance in general. So it’s really not surprising that my Christmas posts for the next few weeks will feature a couple historicals and, well, this. I guess it’s sort of futuristic? I’d called it speculative fiction rather than sci fi though because there’s no real science going on

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Lumberfox Nutella Crème Brûlée

When Ava Lovelace’s geeky erotica novella The Lumberfox opens, it’s winter in Atlanta and it’s snowing. Hard. And if you’ve ever been anywhere near the South when it decides to snow hard, you pretty much know that we’re, well, ill-equipped to deal. So it’s no surprise when heroine Tara and hero Ryon get into a

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