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Welcome to Cooking Up Romance: Romance Reviews for Food Lovers!

Hi, I’m Elisabeth Lane. I live in the Washington, DC suburbs with my husband and our dog. I spent nearly 15 years in marketing before quitting to become a full-time housewife. I sit around all day eating bonbons and reading romance novels! Okay, not really. But I am a housewife and I do read a lot of romance novels. I started reading romance with Julie Garwood and Sandra Brown when I was in high school. And I started cooking long before that. I love to experiment in the kitchen, go ballroom dancing and spend lots of time in thrift stores looking for mid-century modern pottery to add to my collection. I currently have no plans to write romance myself, but some day I would love to write and publish a cookbook.

In 2019 I am not buying books! Over the past four years of being a book blogger I have acquired an EPIC TBR pile. So in addition to closing my blog to ARC submissions, I will be following these rules about book acquisition for 2019:

1) No buying ebooks with the following exception: books by marginalized authors that I cannot acquire via the library, purchased with Amazon affiliate payments to read immediately only.
2) No physical book purchses.
3) No Kindle Unlimited.
4) Library borrowing is permitted with the following restrictions: books by an author I currently have in my TBR (in order to fill in series gaps and binge read), marginalized authors and audio books.
5) Audible and Audible Romance Package subscription allowed, but no additional audio books purchases.
6) No accepting advance reader copies or physical books except for signed conference freebies that I have already read and classify as zombie apocalypse keepers and books that I have beta read.
7) I can accept giveaway prizes, gifts (like Secret Santa exchanges) and gift cards. Gift cards, like Amazon affiliate payments, must be used to purchase only books by marginalized authors or saved for 2020.

If you want to catch up on everything I’ve read, you can friend me on Goodreads. Have a book you’d like me to review? Check out my Review Policies. I also have a BRAND NEW Booktube channel over on YouTube! Have another question? You can email me at elisabethjlane {at} gmail {dot} com or tweet me @elisabethjlane. I love talking to romance readers and authors so feel free to say hi!

Disclosure: Elisabeth Lane is a pen name and the only name under which I post to romance-related sites, attend romance events and/or communicate with romance fans. Some books are provided free of charge via NetGalley, authors or publishers for review purposes, which is always disclosed in the post itself. Any relationships between myself and the author, editor or publisher of a book will always be disclosed in the post, whether business/financial or personal. Posts contain Amazon affiliate links.

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