2016 TBR Challenge: Grabbed by Vicious by Lolita Lopez


This month’s TBR Challenge theme was a “Random Pick” and this one was pretty random. I picked up all three books in the Grabbed series by Lolita Lopez at the recommendation of a friend. The basic plot is that a planet-bound agrarian society is defended from external threats by a sky-going warrior race in return

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Misfits Thai Chicken Burgers & Chili-Lime Potato Wedges 2016 TBR Challenge


For TBR Challenge this month I am sooo cheating. Well, sort of. I had intended to read The Sleeping Night by Barbara Samuel, but I completely forgot about the deadline (note to self: add a one week reminder to my TBR Challenge calendar). But Misfits by Garrett Leigh, the book I’m reviewing today, also qualifies.

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My Samhain Sale Picks


It was a bit of a sad weekend for this romance lover. One of Northern Virginia’s two main local used bookstores closed its doors today. I was able to snap up 20 romances by various authors (including four by the lovely and delightful Liz Talley and a bunch of old school historicals by Iris Johansen,

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2016 TBR Challenge: The Forbidden Rose by Joanna Bourne


This month’s TBR Challenge these was Series Catch-Up and I am way behind on the Spymaster series by Joanna Bourne. Well, technically, I’m not behind so much as rationing them. I’ve read My Lord and Spymaster and The Spymaster’s Lady so this is my third by her. After this I have two more to go

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