2016 TBR Challenge: The Siren’s Touch by Amber Belldene

The Siren's Touch with a cookie and teapot.

Ghost romance? Yeah, I wasn’t so sure either. But in The Siren’s Touch I was pleasantly surprised to find an unexpectedly twisty, intriguing and ultimately satisfying read. I have enjoyed Amber Belldene’s books in the past so I knew the writing would be good, but well, the heroine is a ghost. Now, either that grabs

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Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh 2015 TBR Challenge

 The TBR Challenge this month was a “Recommended Read” and E from Bookpushers had been steadily insisting that I read Nalini Singh for…oh…roughly forever? I’d purchased a used paperback copy of Angels’ Blood a while ago, but I have a tendency not to read paperbacks now that I have a Kindle. I mostly read in

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East of Ecstasy Bourbon Peach Ice Cream

I admit it. My reaction to most paranormal romance has been eye rolling. It’s ridiculous because I love fantasy and even some horror; my first “book boyfriend” was the Phantom of the Opera. It’s also unjust to dismiss an entire sub-genre because of some horrible covers you once saw fifteen years ago. For the record,

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