Welcome to Cooking Up Romance

Welcome to Cooking Up Romance!

I’ve loved romance novels since I first discovered Julie Garwood’s Highland books in junior high. Until recently, Regency historicals were pretty much all I read, but then I discovered Jackie Horne’s Romance Novels for Feminists blog and my reading has branched out considerably since then. For a couple of months I’d been wanting to join the lovely conversations I see taking place between writers and readers in various online spots, but it took joining Twitter to clue me into how to go about doing that.

And so Cooking Up Romance was born. My idea is to match the romances I read with a recipe from my personal archives and the food blogs I read. I don’t intend to post more than once or twice a week and will probably only cover books I enjoyed. I enjoy the occasional snarky review & NSFW tumblr, but that’s not what you’ll find here. Just a breadth of fun and exciting romance and food that I’ve enjoyed.

You can email me at elisabethjlane {at} gmail {dot} com and follow me on Twitter @elisabethjlane.


  1. Welcome to the romance blogging community, Elisabeth!

    1. Thanks so much! You were my complete and total inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.

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