Saturday Snack Time, July 26, 2014


Saturday Snack Time is a little collection of fun things I found online during the week and I thought were worth sharing. Oh, and that delectable thing above is an oatmeal carmelita. It’s evil. Don’t Google it. Let’s get
snacking, shall we?

1 | I know you love bourbon as much as I do. Right? Don’t even pretend you don’t. So let’s all have this Bourbon Slush Punch.

2 | Feminism in 2014 from the perspective of a Millennial fashion blogger. It’s good, don’t worry.

3 | Another moment from the “all my friends are Canadian” file.

4 | Have you seen Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries yet? This article was all over this week.

5 | This woman is amazing. Just mute the commentators.

6 | Normally I can’t stand those contrived “character interviews” used for book promo, but these were actually kind of fun.

Have a great weekend!

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