Ack! Busy!


Hi! How’s it going?

I’ve had a little trouble getting posts done recently for various reasons. Maybe you’ve noticed? Mainly this is because I’m busy. How weird is that? I don’t normally think of myself as “busy” but I have an Etsy business, my blog, my normal housework-dog-feed us stuff, ballroom, D&D, my local DC romance groups and now a part-time job. Don’t busy people have, like, kids and multiple jobs and stuff? Anyway, something’s gotta give.

So next week I’m going to do some experimental things. I’ve got a guest post from romance writer Roan Parrish. I’ve got several posts in the hopper that I’d normally consider half done because they’re missing either a book or a review that I’m just gonna polish up and post. By halvsies if I have to. I kinda miss doing my random musings on romance topics so that might make a return. Plus I keep seeing these little meme type things on other blogs (not dumb ones–neat ones–like quick posts on books I’m eagerly awaiting but that aren’t out yet).

While in the past my posts have had a review, a recipe, 4-6 gorgeous photos and ~1500 words of text, that’s just not working for me right now. So let’s try something else. Please let me know if you hate it. Or don’t hate it. That would be pretty cool. And thanks for hanging in there while I figure this out!

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