NECRWA Chapter Conference Hazelnut and Bourbon Chocolate Ganache Cookies

Hazelnut and Bourbon chocolate ganache sandwich cookies

Hazelnut and Bourbon chocolate ganache sandwich cookies

I’m soaking in the loveliness that has been the Northeast Corridor RWA chapter’s annual conference. I wanted to drop a quick post both to say that if you haven’t been to this conference, I highly, highly recommend it. It’s just the right size to meet authors and get some great books signed. Last night I was able to meet both Beverly Jenkins and Loretta Chase without the huuuuge lines that you get at the big national conferences. This conference has also been wonderfully inclusive–moreso than any other conference I’ve attended. If it’s at all possible for you to attend next year, I highly recommend it.

On Friday, I was on a blogger panel explaining the do’s and don’ts of authors interacting with bloggers. It ended up being a really fun panel and I hope informative for the authors present. Plus I brought cookies! They were the hazelnut and bourbon-chocolate ganache sandwich cookies from my site and several people asked for the recipe so here’s this link: Feel free to tweet me if you try it and you have questions!

Most people are heading home today so if you are at the conference, safe travels! And again if you’ve never been, it’s worth seriously considering even if you live outside New England. Really high-quality sessions.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the conference, Elizabeth. And how did it happen that our paths never crossed??

    — Jackie Horne
    President, NECRWA

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