Where There’s A Will Spicy Chicken Soup

A Bowl of spicy chicken soup with a Kindle. The cover on the screen is Where There's A Will by Cari Z.

The world of Panopolis is a place where superheroes and supervillains reign, but it’s clear that shadowy GenCorp is the power behind their thrones. The heroes in particular are controlled by their handlers—they feed them, house them, pay them, control their sponsorships and generally run a company store to keep them beholden. I honestly can’t

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Truly Honeyed Cauliflower Soup & Sandwiches

A few weeks ago, I read a string of hero-as-chef romances all in a row: The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand, Ruby by Jeffe Kennedy and this one, Truly by Ruthie Knox. I waited to review it until closer to the release date, which is this Tuesday. I’d read one other book by Knox in

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